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The universe is a collection of vibrations and frequencies.  Everything has its own resonance.  If you know how a person resonates, you can influence that person.  If you know how an object resonates, you can influence that object.  If you know how any system resonates, you can influence that system.

Listening to this 70 minute downloadable Magick Ritual Binaural Music Suite will help you to tap into that resonance quickly and simply.  The process is very simple.  You listen to the Magickal Ritual music suite through headphones or on stereo speakers. You do this at the same time as you practice your spell or ritual.  The music and frequencies help to focus your own vibration and resonance.  They also help to raise and direct the energy necessary to materialize your desired action.


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Magick Ritual CD

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Senses Series 
 includes all the following downloads 
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Magick Ritual
Psychic Development
Clairvoyance and Clairaudience
Past Life Regression



What is Binaural Music?

  • A sensational new development in altered consciousness technology.
  • A complete symbiotic fusion of binaural harmonic frequencies, advanced sound engineering and inspired musical composition.
  • Functional music at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Binaural Music utilizes the tried and tested technologies of binaural harmonic frequencies and frequency following in a completely new way.

Binaural products are usually of 2 types:

1) The binaural tones are embedded in music.  As the tones are not part of the music; the music will distract the brain and the entrainment is ineffective and inaccurate.  The correct harmonic frequency  cannot be achieved in this manner.

2) The binaural tones are simple sine wave frequencies with white sound or no background.  There is no musical content.  These are much more effective at creating the correct harmonic frequencies in the brain AND keeping them stable.  However the sound is harsh and often gives an unpleasant experience.

Binaural Music has been created so that the binaural effect has been incorporated into every note, chord and phrase of the music. The effect is stunning...






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